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Welcome to the Information Hub! Here you will find a collection of our social media posts, information sheets, and resources on plant breeding. This hub is a work in progress, and we will continuously add more content. Stay tuned for updates as we expand our collection with additional materials and resources.

Plantastic Discoveries


Plantastic Discoveries is our series that breaks down plant science and plant breeding into digestible, bite-sized bits. Each post provides concise, accessible information on various aspects of these fields.

Have a question about plant science or breeding? Ask us here, and your question could be featured in an upcoming Plantastic Discoveries post!

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Cover Golden Rice
Cover How Does Plant Breeding Contribute To Healthier Diets

How does plant breeding contribute to healthier diets?

Cover How Plant Breeding Has Made Our Crops Safer To Eat

How plant breeding has made our crops safer to eat

Cover Why You Shouldn't Bring Foreign Plants Back
Cover What Does Organic Really Mean Pt1
Cover What Does Organic Really Mean Pt2
What Is A Gmo Cover
Pd What Is A Natural Gmo
Cover Are Plants Also Under Pressure
Cover Are Proteins Really Coded
Cover Are Some Plants We Eat Actually Toxic


Are some plants we eat actually toxic?

Cover Can A Plant Really Reproduce Itself
Cover How Can Grafting Improve Our Food System
Cover What Is A Deleterious Gene
Cover What Is A Gene Bank


What is a gene bank?

Cover What Is A Gene Pool
Cover What Is A Genetic Marker
Cover What Is A Hybrid Seed
Cover What Is A Plant Mutation
Cover What Is A Polyploid Plant
Cover Who Was The First Plant Breeder
Cover Why Are Some Plants Called Orphan Crops