Plant ETP collaborates with its National Technological Platforms, as well as other relevant (international, EU, national, regional) organisations, networks and initiatives

National Technology Platforms (NTPs)


Representative of Agricultural Stakeholders

National Technology Platforms (NTPs)

Plant ETP represents the plant sector at the EU level, while NTPs represent the plant sector at national level. NTPs are key partners of Plant ETP. They represent a valuable network of stakeholder communities at the national level and provide an efficient channel for two-way communication with the ETP, in order to increase collaborations, knowledge transfer, and to reach out with the Plant ETP’s Strategic Research and InnovationAgenda, Action Plans and additional recommendations to national funding organisations and ministries. At the same time, information sharing between the NTPs and ETP is extremely valuable for the mission of Plant ETP.

Plant ETP highly recommends you to get in touch with your respective NTP. If an NTP does not yet exist in your country, the Plant ETP can support you in establishing one. Please contact for more details.