Promoting education, training, up-skilling, continuous learning and knowledge sharing for a thriving plant sector

Why is education important?

A skilled and well-trained workforce is essential for the plant sector to thrive and contribute to productive and sustainable agricultural systems. The next generation of plant scientists, breeders, farmers, processors etc… need a unique degree of knowledge, entrepreneurship and flexibility to react to rapidly changing environments, consumer preferences and political frameworks. Assuring an appropriately qualified and skilled workforce for the plant sector is critical to the transition towards sustainable agricultural systems and the success of the EU Green Deal goals.

While formal education is essential, so is knowledge sharing, up-skilling and life-long learning. This ensures all value chain actors are kept appraised of new R&I outcomes, relevant policies and regulations, and new business opportunities.


Plant ETP also promotes public awareness and appreciation of plant science and innovation by highlighting their crucial contribution to society.                                           ———–

Public Awareness

Plant ETP previously published its Education Action Plan demonstrating key actions needed to educate and train the next generation workforce for the plant sector:

  • Build a sustainable workforce for the plant sector
  • Foster the future of the plant sector through research, education and training
  • Increase public appreciation of the plant sector

Plant ETP is also a partner in the EU-funded Erasmus+ FIELDS project aimed at addressing the current and future skillets needs for sustainability, digitalisation, and the bioeconomy in agriculture.