Plants for the future’s perspective on sustainable agriculture

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The European Technology Platform ‘Plants for the Future’ publishes its recommendations for Research and Innovation to meet the EU Green Deal goals for transitioning to more sustainable agricultural systems

BRUSSELS 7th DECEMBER 2021 – The European Technology Platform ‘Plants for the Future’ (Plant ETP) considers an EU-wide transition to more sustainable and innovative agriculture systems urgent. To actively contribute to this transition, the Plant ETP established a working group on Sustainable Agriculture with experts from academia, the seed and breeding industry, agricultural service providers, and the farming community. The working group considered the short and longer term challenges and opportunities of the agricultural value chains holistically, and used this to develop a vision for future systems spanning food, feed and biobased raw materials. Strategic direction and recommendations of essential research and innovation are presented here for the benefit of policymakers, research funding providers, practitioners, and innovators throughout agricultural value chains.


The working group identified three main and interdependent drivers that should be developed in parallel and which will enable the transition towards more environmentally and socio-economically sustainable agricultural systems

(1) Innovative agricultural produce will provide sustainable and healthy food, feed and biobased raw materials for the bioeconomy, meeting consumer needs and societal expectations.

(2) Resilient production (eco)systems will provide sufficient qualitative, nutritious food, feed, and biobased raw materials for society, while promoting One Health.

(3) Agricultural data will be harnessed to support agricultural systems by leveraging big data and artificial intelligence to balance innovative agricultural produce and resilient production (eco)systems, matching produce with demand and enabling sustainable agricultural production through tailored advice.

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Plants for the future’s perspective on sustainable agriculture – R&I Recommendation Report – 2021

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