NGTs can help develop new and improved plant varieties that support more sustainable agri-food systems


In order to provide a better understanding of the potential of New Genomic Techniques (NGTs), Plant ETP’s working groups on sustainable agriculture and NGTs joined forces to develop case examples of specific NGT plant varieties that, if allowed on the EU market, would be better adapted to the challenges of climate change and support the transition to more sustainable agri-food systems, in line with the EU Green Deal’s Farm to Fork and Biodiversity goals and several UN SDGs.

Check out our factsheets on how NGTs could contribute to increasing the sustainability of EU agri-food systems



Plant breeding is at the heart of our food systems, but its role is often overlooked by society.

If you would like to know more about plant breeding and how it has evolved from traditional to more innovative  methods, check out our factsheet on Plant Breeding.

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We would like to thank all the working group members that volunteered to develop these factsheets, the members of CoverCress Inc. that kindly shared information about their new variety, and the colleagues from COPA-COGECA that designed the factsheets.