Joint Statement – Plant ETP Supports Call for an Ambitious FP10

Joint Statement

4th July 2024

Plants for the Future ETP, along with 110 other European associations, has signed a joint statement urging the EU Institutions to significantly increase the budget for the upcoming European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP10). This collective appeal emphasises the necessity of making pan-European collaborative research a central component of FP10 to address industrial needs through excellence.

As global technological advancements accelerate, the EU’s investment in Research, Development, and Innovation (RD&I) lags behind its global competitors. This shortfall limits the EU’s ability to harness its full scientific and technological potential. The joint statement highlights that increased public RD&I investments through the EU Framework Programme are crucial to mitigating market failures and stimulating private RD&I investments.

The statement points to the success of Horizon 2020, where EU partnerships achieved the highest financial leverage per euro invested, with private contributions significantly enhancing the impact of public investments. It calls for an increase in the RD&I budget within the next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) and stresses the need for national investments to meet at least 3% of GDP to leverage private sector funding.

FP10 is urged to focus on excellent cross-border collaborative RD&I with strong industrial participation, particularly in Pillar II, which promotes the flow of knowledge between sectors and supports European Industrial Competitiveness. This pillar is vital for building trust-based public-private partnerships, reducing risks, and encouraging private investments in technology-intensive sectors, thus supporting the EU’s green and digital transitions.

Plants for the Future stands ready to engage in further discussions on the framework FP10, aiming to leverage public-private collaboration, to bolster Europe’s position in global innovation and ensure a prosperous, sustainable future.

Read the Joint Statement here.

Joint Statement For An Ambitious Fp10