Plant ETP Annual General Assembly 2020

Plants for the Future ETP held its annual General Assembly on 17th Nov 2020

Discussions included the role of Plant ETP in supporting the transition to more sustainable agriculture, in the context of the Green Deal, while maintaining business continuity.

It was agreed that Plant ETP, representing a big part of the agricultural value chain, plays an important role in providing a multi-stakeholder, holistic, view of the needs and challenges for the entire value chain.



This year,  the representatives on the Board of Directors were elected for the next three years. We welcome both the re-election and new election of the following members:

Pekka Pesonen (COPA-COGECA); Daniel Azevedo (COPA-COGECA); Karin Metzalff (EPSO); Ernst van den Ende (EPSO, WUR); Marc Cornelissen (BASF); César Gonzalez (Euroseeds); Teresa Babuscio (Bayer); Hendrik Tschoep (SESVanderhave)

Plant ETP also welcomed new members and observers

New Plant ETP members

Oxford University (UK); CRAG – Center for Research in Agricultural Genomics (ES); Sabanci University (TU); Eurofins Agroscience Services (INTL)

New Plant ETP observers

Enviresearch (UK); Fundación Ingenio (ES)

Ga Plant Etp 2020