Lunch seminar – A celebration of Gregor Mendel’s 200th Anniversary

The essential role of Plant Breeding for continued food and nutritional security

On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Gregor Mendel, the “Father of Genetics”, Plant ETP hosted a lunch seminar on 14th June with the support of MEP Juozas Olekas from the S&D group of the European Parliament, at the Maison du Luxembourg restaurant.



The EU Green Deal’s Farm to Fork and Biodiversity strategies set ambitious targets aimed at reducing the environmental impact of the agri-food sector. While reducing inputs and available agricultural land could contribute to increasing environmental sustainability, it is also expected to reduce crop production. Following the covid19 sanitary crisis, and in the face of the war in Ukraine, it is essential that we use all the tools at our disposal to maintain food and nutritional security during this transition. Plant breeding has and will always be an essential pillar of our food systems. This seminar celebrated the 200th Anniversary of Gregor Mendel, the “Father of Genetics”, and aimed to raise awareness of the evolution of plant breeding, including how different plant breeding methods work, what their outcomes have been or could be, as well as why some methods are considered safer than others, and whether that is actually the case.

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Plant Etp Lunch Seminar Agenda

Agenda of the lunch seminar


Amrit Nanda (left), Rod Snowdon (centre), Cathie Martin (right)

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MEP Juozas Olekas

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Rod Snowdon


Cathie Martin and room view


Amrit Nanda and room view