EU Green Week 2021 Partner Event

Plant ETP hosted a Partner Event during the EU Green Week 2021

Title of event: Meeting the Green Deal goals – How plant science and innovation can contribute


The Green Deal, with its Farm to Fork and Biodiversity strategies, sets ambitious targets for the agricultural value chain, particularly for farmers. Producing the same or more with less requires a supportive environment for innovation. While plant science and innovation play an important role, enabling policies or the lack thereof often determine the success or failure of new innovations. Plants for the Future ETP is organising an online interactive webinar around plant science and innovation and how they can contribute to the Green Deal goals. This event will focus on the Green Deal targets, their expected impact on crop production, and how plant-related innovation can be part of the solution, given the right policy environment.



10:00     Welcome and introduction (Amrit Nanda, Plant ETP)

10:10     Setting the scene: the EU Green Deal and the Farm to Fork strategy (Claire Bury, Deputy DG for Health and Food Safety, EU Commission)

10:25     The Importance of plant breeding for meeting the Farm to Fork policy goals – an economic and environmental analysis (Steffen Noleppa, HFFA Research, DE)

10:40     The role of innovation in plant breeding – two case examples

Dirk Bosch, Wageningen University & Research, NL

Steffen Kawelke, German Federation for Plant Innovation, DE

11:00     The economic impact of regulations on innovation (Justus Wesseler, Wageningen University & Research, NL)

11:15     Q&A

11:50     Closing remarks (Ramon Armengol, President of COGECA)

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